Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Deer Gets Revenge Against Hunter

Okay, so it may not be truly funny... those deer hooves can slice and dice you like a set of ginsu knives! But hey, some of us have a perverted enough sense of humor to laugh at the poor smuck anyhow. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fooled By a Toddler

Okay - Travis wasn't a toddler but pretty close to it; he was 4 yrs old.
Our oldest son, Travis, has loved the sport of hunting since he was old enough to admire a rifle.
At 4 yrs old, he felt like Mr. Special himself if he got the opportunity to sit in a deer blind with someone.

One fine opening day morning Travis was sitting in the deer blind with Uncle Fred. After a few long restless hours of not seeing a thing, Travis decided to 'see' a giant buck.

"Look! A biiigggg buck, Uncle Fred!"

"Where?! Where?!"

"Over there..... see em'?"

"No, where?"

"Right there, Uncle Fred. Right there!" says Travis pointing excitedly his anxious whispering mounting upwards towards a small shout.

This went on for quite some time before Travis announced that Uncle Fred had missed out. The buck was now gone. Travis was obviously disgusted with his Uncle Fred.

The pair headed back to the house where they met up with Travis's Grandpa. Uncle Fred started telling about the big buck Travis saw and he didn't. Travis didn't say a word. "Tell Grandpa about the buck you saw, Travis." says Uncle Fred.
"What buck?"
"The big buck you told me you saw!"
"I didn't see a big buck, Uncle Fred. But you were funny looking for him."

Travis is now 20 and in the US Army.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The One That Almost Got Away

We had just loaded up Lester's huge 8 point monster buck and returned home sometime late morning.

Leaving the buck in the back of the truck, we headed inside to grab some coffee and brag to my Mom about the big buck she was gonna get to help us cut up later. ;)

Of course Mom wanted to see this big buck we were bragging about so she headed outside. Immediately, she comes back in and asks incredulously... "aren't you going to shoot it first?"

What the heck is she talking about? We thought she was crazy and she thought we were... we headed outside only to see that big buck standing up on all 4 legs in a complete daze looking around. Holy Crap! Yup, guess we'd better shoot him...


Seriously folks... true story. And no, it wasn't a lame shot from some wannabe hunter. This deer had been shot straight in the head! (yes, the first time..)

Remote Deer Prank (Really Funny)

Big buck strapped to the hood of a vehicle messes with people's heads at a truck stop.

Funny African Lion Hunting in Masai Mara

Hunt Like a Lion!! Oh Yeah!

Monday, August 27, 2007

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

My buddies and I took our bear hunting trip to the UP of Michigan when this funny hunting story took place.

When hunting in the UP, we use a friend's cabin that has no plumbing.. when ya gotta go, ya gotta go outside.

Joe had to take a leak so he went outside to take care of business. Next thing you know, he is yelling his fool head off. We smelled the reason for his fussin' a split second after opening the door. A skunk had sprayed poor Joe. Or is that 'poor skunk?'. It seems Joe had urinated directly onto the skunk!

The morale of the story... Flashlights are a wonderful invention!

He's Dead, now what?

Okay, I know this isn't one of our personal hunting stories but it's way too funny not to share!
Don't try this at home, folks!